About Us


O.W.H.A. is an all-breed horse show organization based in Western Ohio. Approved point shows are held throughout the show season at many different locations. Points are accumulated in each approved class, and year-end awards are given out at the annual banquet, held near the end of January each year. O.W.H.A. is known for giving out very nice awards! All-Around awards vary from engraved belt buckles, trophies, lettered horse sheets, horse blankets, jackets and directors chairs. Please see the OWHA rulebook for more details on our point system.


2019 Officers

President:  Greg Liedel    gliedel@hotmail.com
Vice President:  Megan Gossard  barrelracer.79@yahoo.com
2nd Vice President:  Krista Beck
Secretary:  Bev McDaniel
Treasurer:  Sue Reeder   gandoff111@woh.rr.com
Newsletter:  Andy Farley  afarley@woh.rr.com
Membership & Points:  Laura Gossard    gossard_owha.points@yahoo.com
Youth Club Advisor:  Ashley Haudenschield   ashleyhaudenschield@gmail.com

2019 Youth Officers

President:  Samanthia McDaniel
Vice President:  Madisynn Gossard
Secretary/Treasurer: Taylor Arthur